Monday, January 16, 2006

The Number One Way to Procrastinate Writing Report Cards

Ten Random Things About Me
1. I didn't go to Disney World until I was a junior in high school.
2. I would rather have Harris Teeter brand Macaroni'N Cheese than the Kraft kind.
3. I am easily sucked into Lifetime Network movies.
4. I wrecked our family's Volkswagen Van when I was only four years old.
5. I have three different wall calendars to use this year: a Van Gogh because that's the artist my class studies, a Matisse from the special exhibit last summer at the Met in NYC, and a vintage Italian that was a birthday gift from Megan.
6. I have become an Ancient Egypt dork since I started teaching.
7. People who yell curse words and then say, "Pardon my french", bewilder me.
8. My favorite Cook Out milkshake flavor is Mint Oreo.
9. I sing in my car. Even when alone. Loud. And sometimes with dancing.
10. I love watching Laguna Beach, Making The Band, and Meet The Barkers.

Nine Places I've Visited
1. New York City
2. London
3. Paris, France
4. Paris, Texas
5. Kiawah Island
6. Washington, DC
7. Prague
8. Zion
9. Mansfield

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Run a marathon
2. Marry the man of my dreams
3. Raise my kids to embrace their passions
4. Write the story of the Cruise family
5. Have a solo role in a musical
6. Live in New York City
7. Own a pair of legitimate cowboy boots
8. Take dancing lessons

Seven Ways To Win My Heart
1. Write me love letters
2. Hold my hand
3. Open the car door for me
4. Run with me
5. Wipe my tears when I cry
6. Dance with me
7. Encourage my passions

Six Things I Believe In
1. Handwriting letters is quickly becoming a lost art
2. Toilet paper goes over the roll, not under
3. Ghosts
4. Typing the word "y'all" as well as saying it
5. True love is worth holding out for
6. The magic of Broadway

Five Things I Am Afraid Of
1. Heights
2. Spiders
3. Overlooking true beauty in God's creation
4. Reality shows involving celebrities and ice-skating
5. Dying before I have kids

Four Of My Favorite Things In My Bedroom
1. Red Journal from Papyrus in NYC
2. Sarah the Seal
3. Pictures of Jason
4. Art made by Carlye and Anna

Three Things I Do Everyday
1. Check my email. Often.
2. Read
3. Pray

Two People I Want To See Right Now
1. Jason
2. Lydia Kent Welch

One Thing I Am Trying Not To Do Right Now
1. Write report cards.


  1. Jason5:54 PM

    That, by far, ranks as one of my favorite blog entries of all time. I guess you can do anything when trying not to work, huh! Your amazing!

  2. I like your lists. I appreciate your spelling of y'all. Many people put the apostrophe in the middle (ya'll) which doesn't make any sense.

    Good luck with your report-card writing.

    See y'all!


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