Thursday, March 09, 2006

4th Grade Wedding Planners

Here's how mine and Jason's wedding would play out if I let my class plan it...

- Evan would be the ring bearer (Although when that was suggested he replied, "Uh...I have a meeting that day.")

- The entire class would sing "Defying Gravity" from Wicked after the vows were said.

- Jason and I would be hoisted up on ropes during the song to exchange rings. A spotlight would follow us. Matt and Xavier would also be up on ropes and would drop the rings down to us.

- The entire class would come in their Biography Day costumes.

- We would ride into the church and down the aisle on white horses ("Like in Napoleon Dynamite!")

- When told that that I couldn't invite all my students to the wedding, "We could watch from a hole in the ceiling!" "Yeah, like that guy's friends did in the Bible."

- Our honeymoon destination: The moon. (get it?)

- I would wear the pink boa that I wear every afternoon for my other job as Carpool Diva.

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