Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm a Tarheel born, I'm a Tarheel bred...


What a game! I have to confess, I didn't have much faith in the beginning but I am so proud of Roy and Roy's boys. As the time clock ticked down and then to zero, SJ and I begin to whoop and holler.

"Let's go to Franklin Street!" I said, ignoring the fact that I've basically felt like crud since last Wednesday. My Heels winning can do that for me.

"It'll be so crowded, " protested SJ.

"Come on, we'll be the old people on the side who sit and take pictures!" I was not going to be deterred. After all, this was my last UNC-Duke game on North Carolina soil.

So we did. And we were. And here are the pictures.

(Jason watched the game with us via cell phone. For his take on the night, go here.)

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