Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Various and Sundry

So, why does no one tell you really, truly, just how stressful AND wonderful planning a wedding will be? Maybe they did and I just wasn't listening. That's been known to happen with me a time or two. Oops. All the same, it is both and much more. Last week was a stressful one what with teaching, planning, coaching and report cards. But with the help of a LOT of people I made it through and am starting to feel like my old self again. Perhaps that means this blog will return to its old self as well. One can hope...

My life as of late:

Bailey, after visiting with SJ's parents while Jason was in town, has returned to the Cactus Ranch. He has resumed his daily rituals of waking us with loud and insistent meowing as to why no one is standing beside him while he's eating and promptly bathing himself as soon as we sit beside him on the couch. Why he can't do this when we're not home is beyond me, but here's a shot of our graceful gentleman in the middle of his bath. It's amazing the contortions that cat can make in spite of his belly.

I'm aching for the chance to meet Lydia Kent but have to be content with what she posts on her own blog. Imagine my pride when I saw that she had chosen the outfit her Lulu gave her to wear for her first grown-up party. I don't know that she actually got to go, but isn't she fabulous? It's better when you start them on the fashion early. And as for her parents...all I can say is that Lydia is in for one heck of a ride as their daughter.

The two fourth grade classes were led by one of the seventh grade science classes as we hiked off into the nature preserve today. It was a precious thing to watch two generations of my students interact...

"The land is the Lord's"

Two generations of my girls AND boys! It's a sweet, sweet thing...

My teaching partner, Rita- we're twins that just happen to be separated by a few years...

I'm looking forward to:

-The first track meet of the season tomorrow. Go Lions!

-Watching "American Idol" tonight and a new episode of "Lost" tomorrow night. I missed last week's episode due to an slight emotional breakdown. Well, not slight. Ok, let's just say it wasn't pretty (have you seen me when I cry?) and my small group deserves some sort of award for loving me through it.

-Choosing bridesmaids and flower girl dresses this week. Any suggestions?

-Talking with Jason tonight. An actual conversation. I'm so proud of us for making it through the first time we both had extremely stressful things happening at the same time. The Mansfield YL Golf Tournament was a success, my report cards are done and there is much to be said via Sprint Cellular.

-Catching up with darling friends who have been ridiculously patient with me.

-Seeing my sister run again! It's a thing of beauty.

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