Monday, April 03, 2006

Why Today Was Good

~ I woke to a deliciously scary thunderstorm.

~ Even though I left my sunroof open yesterday afternoon, unbeknownst to me, SJ closed it for me before bed. Hence, no water in my car when it started raining in the middle of the night. Bless her.

~ I'm caught up on grading math papers and several kids who had been struggling are doing AWESOME!

~ While reading aloud in History, I got to tell a suspensful story about some tomb robbers in which I paused at a pivotal moment. And then before I read the words, "At this very moment, a bloodcurdling scream came from the bottom of the shaft...", I actually screamed. Loudly. You should have seen their faces! Priceless.

~ My fiancee sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me at school. Just because...

~ In about an hour, I get to go hang out with a very cool kid named Dash Daugird. He's my favorite superhero under the age of two.

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