Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This, that and the other

I think I'm suffering from writer's block. I'm not particularly inspired to write these days. I'm not entirely sure what is to blame for this except a bit of malaise that has temporarily fallen over me. Let me first say this: Marriage is WONDERFUL. I love it. I love being with Jason (In the same state. Finally.) I love rehashing the day with him and figuring out what life looks like together. Nesting has been soooo fun and I am now on intimate terms with Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

But things have been a bit slower than I anticipated in terms of job and friends. Ok, ok, so it would be fair to say that this is a bit of a pity party. I know this is just a season of this HUGE transition and that it will soon pass. It's just that when you've been a teacher for five years, you hit the point when you've had enough summer. I'm there and then some. Things are starting to pick up though and I'm hoping that some of the pieces of work and community will quickly fall into place.

Because otherwise I am going to have entirely too much time on my hands to surf my new addiction: "Wasn't enough for you, Leslie?" you may ask. Oh sure, it's good. It usually has the latest info. But why settle for a website that only updates its info on celebs every 5-8 hours when you have a site that updates and has new stuff hourly? Oh, it's the good stuff. is what they should really call it, it's that addictive. I told my "dealer" that I wouldn't reveal her identity so that my husband won't end our friendship when he realizes that's where I'm spending so much time on the internet. Sorry honey!

This weekend marks my initiation into the Saturday Texas College Football Tailgating Extravaganza. My brother-in-law, Brian, and his brother have this incredible tailgating trailer that is literally beyond description. I'll just have to post pictures for you later. He and my sister-in-law, Angela, and their whole crew are rolling into town for the Texas Tech vs TCU game. I will be getting my "guns up" for the Raiders and hoping for a sound trouncing of the Horned Frogs. I mean seriously, when you're the Horned Frogs, is there any chance that you won't get beaten? I think not. Angela and her girls are fabulous and I am so excited about spending some time with some sassy women again. I love my husband but I am in dire need of an estrogen fix!

On a very happy note, a dear friend is joining the wedded ranks. Stu Hipp took the plunge, asked the big question, and Stephanie said yes. Congratulations and blessings to you both!


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Now is the time to luxuriate in being able to think about, plan for, and prepare a good meal to share with your man- when you are working you won't always have that. Love being rested enough in the evenings to listen to your man and energy enough to play when he comes can drain you of some of that. Rest in the Lord in this time of quiet. The busy-ness of the real world will soon enough take you away. You are right, the gym will really help mentally and physically.
    praying always for you!

  2. I would just like to comment in defense of the Horned Frogs. My mother was Miss Horned Frog at TCU in the early 70's (I'm blanking on the year) and I would not be a good daughter if I didn't defend her honor. ;-) Have fun tailgating!


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