Friday, December 29, 2006

Sound of a farewell

Dave Matthews on the Ipod via the stereo.

Jason crinkling old newspaper as he packs up the kitchen.

Rain pouring down on the pond behind our building.

Lightening flashing and thunder cracking LOUDLY just now.


Tomorrow, we load up the twenty-four foot Budget truck and hit the road for our new place in Abilene. Finally! I've been waiting for this for weeks and it's almost here. The house is pretty much packed thanks to my amazing husband who LOVES to pack and views it as a giant game of tetris. Which is good because I hate packing. Hate it. And since this is my third move in six months I figure I've get a freebie on this one. Apparently, the division of labor for us is starting to look like this:

Jason packs.

Jason loads the truck.

Leslie cleans the apartment.

Leslie unpacks and nests.

Works for me! Although as I play my umpteenth game of Solitaire and surf the net (Julia Roberts is pregnant!), I do feel a bit guilty. But he assures me it is fine and commands me to get out of the kitchen so he can get on with it. Wonderful man, isn't he?

I'll post Christmas pics and video soon. In case there's no internet at the new place, Happy New Year!

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