Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All in One

We gave Knox a Nylabone Edible Dental Chew tonight. Oh my gosh, you would have thought we had given the dog crack cocaine. Jason and I went into another room; Knox nudged the door open, bone firmly planted in the back of his jaw. He would not stop chewing the thing, not even when Jason called him and gave him The Whistle. (If you know Jason, you know why it's capitalized.) He just kept chewing as if to say, "Seriously? You think I'm going to look at you now? This, this is the bone I have been waiting for. Do not disturb me. Go away." He chewed it in his crate while we are at dinner and still wasn't done when we returned.

At one point, I watched him walk into the kitchen, stopping every few steps to get in a good chew. Knox doesn't really hang out in the kitchen so I asked Jason what he though Knox was doing. "Trying to get a drink of water and chew his bone," was his confident reply. Sure enough, that was just what our crackhead puppy was doing. Maybe it really was dog crack, because I swear that dog has been extremely chill for the last hour...
There's a couple of things that I really don't understand about drivers here in Abilene. One, they make right hand turns and immediately get into the lefthand lane. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that illegal? And they do this even if there is absolutely no one in the right lane. They just want to be in the left lane. Which leads me to the next Abilene driving thing that drives me crazy: they sit in the left lane. It's like Abilene has become Europe and things are reversed. The left lane is now for cruising and the right lane is for passing. I'm not sure that I'll ever get used to this and it's causing a bit of road rage for me every morning. Don't worry Abilenians, you'll be fine. Just don't get in front of me in the left lane.
This is Knox watching the Oscars with me Sunday night. It's his favorite sleeping position as of late. Graceful? Modest? Not our dog.

Where am I? I'm on the couch recovering from a killer stomach virus. I'll spare you the gory details but I lost 6 pounds in one day. A great jump start for a diet, but not entirely worth it.
Last Saturday, I started driving into town when I noticed the color of the sky. I called Jason and asked if this was tornado season in Texas. He told me I was a big goober and that it was just a dust storm. What I was seeing in the sky was basically Lubbock, TX. Ok, back me up tarheels, wouldn't you have freaked if you'd seen this in your backyard?

All in all, life in Abilene is good. Busy, but good. More pics and a blog about my sister serving in Afghanistan coming soon...

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    Sasha says:

    n ,mbn b./lm (that's her typing

    Also, she says "dog . .. DOOOOGGGG....doggggggggg" and points at Knox.

    No "LuLu" yet.


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