Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time for a change...

...don't you think?

And I can't even begin to talk about the Carolina/Duke game from this past Sunday. I knew I wasn't in Tarheel Country anymore when the local news premepted the game with 4 minutes to go. And led with a story about a high school marching band. You should have seen the fit that I threw. And then the even bigger one when they finally put it back on (after a bajillion phone calls from Abilene folk) and we watched Henderson attack Hansbrough. Typical Dookie basketball player. And don't EVEN get me started on that classless weasel Coach K. Bring on the ACC Tournament! Look at that, I guess I could talk about it after all.


  1. Love your hair! Very cute! ;-)

  2. Oh the hair is very cute! I've been checking to see if you posted your pic all week since we chatted Sunday. Can't keep a girl waiting!! Very nice update to the look!


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