Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A dog of a different color

Serena swears that a dog's brain does not descend from heaven until they are two. I heartily agree with this but perhaps Knox received part of his a few days ago. He's actually been pretty good the last few days. However, we never know which Knox we're going to get: teenager Knox, two year old Knox, old fogie Knox, manaic-chew-everything-in-sight Knox...still, he's cute huh? Jason mowed this morning and Knox took great delight in running his collie circles in the freshly mowed grass. Hence, the green paws.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    What's not to love about that face...and those paws!
    Enjoy the little rascal!

  2. omg. that is one cute dog.

  3. R U kidding me..... pudd dumb.
    Cute. Cute as cute can be.
    PUDD dumb. Don't be tricked Les.... they really don't come until three..... I'm still waiting for Martha's brains..... I'm looking at Christmas 2007.



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