Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lasting Images

I'm learning quickly that no matter how much time I plan for my NC vacations, it's never enough. This visit was 8 days and I packed as much as I possibly could into that week and a day. Catching-up dinners, playdates (because that's where we are these days and I absolutely LOVE it!), meeting Moses and Jacob, stopping in Winston-Salem for the perfect donut at the original Krispy Kreme, The Cruise Family Festival of Craziness, hanging out with Grandaddy and his chickens (and new chicks), seeing Trinity and how it's growing every day. It was wonderful and lovely and way too fast. These aren't all the pics (see the links below for the whole slew of 'em) but this will give you a taste of the joy of being back for a bit. Video to follow soon...

Links for complete pics: Go here and then here

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