Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Morning

It started with Allie texting me and telling me that there was no need to run today. This simple little message sent into motion a chain of events that was simply delicious. Sleeping in, reading in bed, sesame bagel with cream cheese and a tall mug of hot coffee with hazelnut (fat free!) creamer. Good Morning indeed.

The new year (as dictated by the school calendar) has started and we're back into a routine of sorts. Last weekend we took all the Young Life leaders to the lake for the annual leadership retreat. We have an AMAZING group of leaders who are committed to caring for high school and middle school folks. Jason did a great job challenging and encouraging them. Some great brain storming sessions occurred and I think it's going to be a strong year for Abilene YL. I've spent a lot of time this summer thinking and praying through what my role will be. I know for certain that I feel called to care for the leaders, to invest in them as they invest in kids. What I'm still thinking and praying about is whether or not I should be a Wyld Life leader (Wyld Life is YL for middle schoolers.) At Trail West over Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with some middle school girls. I had forgotten just how much fun they can be. And how much they like to talk. And how much they just want someone to listen. Could I be that person for some girls here in Abilene? Maybe, but if I do it I want to do it well. So that's what I'm thinking through: between work and caring for leaders and being a wife, friend, runner, etc., could I be a Wyld Life leader as well? We'll see...

In this last month and a half of unemployment I've had to find something to do with my days than just sitting on the couch. So I started volunteering. First, at Cancer Services Network, which led to volunteering at Hendrick Hospital in the Learning Center within the Cancer Center, which could lead to a job (one formal interview yesterday, another one on Monday!!!!), and soon I'll be volunteering at the NCCIL. No, Jason and I have not become suddenly independently wealthy (as a new friend asked the other day), I definitely still need a job. Even so, I am pleasantly surprised at how community minded I've been able to be. It's helped me to feel some ownership in this new environment. It's been a stretching experience completely different from anything I've encountered in my adult life. I wonder where it will all lead.

P.S. Oh yeah, I want to bring Girls on the Run to Abilene this year as well. MG, wanna move to TX and help me? :)


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Waiting on the Lord to answer fervent prayers for direction can sometimes lead to his answer...sometimes it is mysterious indeed.

  2. This post makes me want to get a bagel and a cup of coffee and get back into bed. At 4 pm.


  3. Cindy Metzger11:01 PM

    I showed Pam your oh-so handsome dog and I thought, now - there's a dog that Dakota would enjoy running with! Have a lovely, lovely day. You are sorely missed up (over? - I STILL don't have my NC bearings -someone asked me where I lived last week and I said Naples - but I don't live there anymore and haven't for 5 years!). Drama ... Drama ... Drama... Have a great day tomorrow and a fabulous week.

  4. I know this is late, but yes! oh, yes! Awesome girls running and being themselves all over Texas. Amen to that.


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