Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Letter to the Editor I can't send

Dear Idiotic Drivers of Abilene,

You are dumb. Not all of you, just the ones that sit in the lefthand lane for no reason. Or the ones who turn left in front of oncoming traffic and don't have enough time to do so and hit my husband. Or the ones who run the red lights and hit people and sometimes kill them. There are apparently a lot of you who do that and live within the city limits. Or my favorite, those of you who get drunk, get behind the wheel and proceed to plow into the car stopped at the light which has two Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission officers in it. That, assinine drivers, was sheer brilliance. I also really enjoy those of you who make right hand turns into the far lane just for kicks.

I am grateful for the many police officers who are out there doing their job and doing their best to protect us careful, sane, defensive drivers. Except those of you who feel that just because you are in a police car, you can fly past me and weave around other cars as you drive 20 miles over the posted speed limit. Way to set an example, gentlemen. I applaud your abuse of authority.

Bracing for impact any day now,
Leslie Petree

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  1. A-freaking-Men. I would take that and really publish it in the Durham Herald. Cuz you know, das' how we role in O.D.D., fo' sho. Idiot drivers SUCK.


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