Friday, November 02, 2007

New Job

I work at a hospital. A really good one.

It is known for its customer service, attention to detail and genuine care for the patients and families that walk through our doors. This is what drew me to HMC when I started my job search. And it is what will most likely keep me there for quite some time.

I love that one of the standards of being an employee there is that you greet each person you pass with a smile and a simple, "How are you?". I generally do this anyway these days, living in a small town and all. I'm finding myself asking the question with much more intentionality as I pass through the maze of halls at HMC. I never know what kind of reply I might receive. Some folks simply smile back and say fine. They prefer to stay at a distance. I absolutely love the times when someone truly answers the question.

Like the woman in the elevator who told me that her father was ill and having difficulty breathing. But, she said, the doctors thought he would be all right. Before I had to leave the elevator, she gave me a grateful smile and thanked me for asking. It was the best part of my day.

Or the proud grandmother and new dad looking at the new baby girl through the nursery window. They shared how her name was a combination of her mom and dad's: Shamiyah Kelise. Beautiful baby girl with curly black hair, pouty rosebud lips and cheeks they just couldn't wait to kiss.

Or the grandfather waiting in the lobby of Day Surgery who told me the little girl I had passed in the hall earlier was on her way to surgery for her mouth and teeth. But, he assured me, the doctor said she will be just fine.

I'm gaining a lot more perspective these days...

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  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Read John Donne's Meditation'll see even more clearly what your seemingly simple question is all about.
    Great job for you. The smile and greeting has never seemed too hard for you. I really still miss it.


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