Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little Rascal

Yes, lately there have been a lot of Knox posts. But honestly? He's the most interesting thing going on these days. Serena told me that it takes a while before a dog's brain descends from heaven. Apparently Knox has had a few pieces drop down and maaaaaaaybe one or two have gone back up.

I got a call from our neighbor Lindy today during a meeting. This would be the second time she's called in a month to say that Knox has worked his way over to their yard. You see, Sophie and Quincy live there. Quincy is the yippy Pomeranian you heard in that last video. Apparently Knox, Quincy and Sophie get along famously. At the cost of our fence. So Knox chews off the bottoms of the posts, slides under and frolics with the other two. This includes jumping in the wading pool and soaking himself. Fabulous. Today, Knox and Quincy decided to change it up, come back under the fence and hang out in our yard. Sophie is too big to go under the fence so she was left out. Poor Sophie.

There's really no way to stop them. They are dogs. Once they've done something they enjoy, they will find a way to do it again and again. I think Lindy and I are going to have start planning doggy playdates.

Doggy playdates. Oh dear lord, I've become one of those dog owners.

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  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Or maybe you two neighbors agree to create a doggie door between the two yards so the dogs don't have to be creative. I mean three happy dogs is a wonderful plan- yours will be tired when you arrive home each afternoon! And it is only the cost of a doggie gate/door. I wish I had a way to do that for Ollie.


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