Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Things That Irk Me

  • When TV hosts and sports announcers pronounce the word "Appalachian" ape-uh-lay-shun instead of the correct ap-uh-latch-un. (Right, Allie?)
  • Drivers who sit in the left lane. We've discussed this already but it bears repeating.
  • The fact that it is mid-November and it is still eighty+ degrees here in Abilene.
  • The dog on the other side of the block who doesn't stop barking (like a metronome) from 11 pm to 7 am and his owners who refuse to do anything about it. Seriously. I knocked on their door and asked. No go.
  • Slow internet connection even when there are a full five lights on the router.

Things That Delight Me

  • Knox snuggling up to me and letting me pet him without licking or gnawing me.
  • Watching Lauren tell off Heidi on last night's "The Hills"
  • Finding a fun new design for my blog.
  • Taking a mental/physical health day off from work.
  • My husband's ability to put together a really good outfit. So handsome...
  • Phone calls and emails from NC loved ones.

Sorry if the lack of posting yesterday caused alarm. To quote another blogger, I had wine-related technical difficulties...

1 comment:

  1. I HATE barking dogs. I seriously contemplated poisoning the water of the barking dogs who were tied up outside of our bedroom window ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG. BARKING.

    Also, I love the new green. Do you want me to make you a new blog banner? I'm trying to get a little business up and running...I'll do yours for real cheap!!

    Doggie play dates are great...I'm STILL not opposed.



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