Sunday, November 25, 2007

A White Thanksgiving

As we did last year, we headed to Lubbock to celebrate our thankfulness with the Carter family. Scout and Will were as rambunctious and delightful as ever. More so even. Angela and Brian were gracious, loving hosts as we limped into Lubbock feeling quite empty and beat up. The three days spent there were a much needed respite from constantly thinking about our current situation. Highlights included guitar time for Jason and Will; girly time for me, Scout and Ang as we saw "Enchanted" (loved it!!); boy time for the guys as they bowled; football, football, and more football culminating with an incredibly exciting but very tense game between Tennesee and Kentucky. FIVE OVERTIMES. We were exhausted by the end of it just from the sheer thrill of it all. Oh, and Tennesse won. Thank the Lord because it would have been a miserable car ride home with Jason otherwise.

On Thanksgiving Day, as we ate a late breakfast snug and warm in our pj's, it began to snow. And it snowed all day long, enough to give a beautiful white dusting to the entire city. It melted the next day but it was still a nice change.

Back here in Abilene, the Thanksgiving Day snow melted as well. But this afternoon has more than made up for it. Two inches and counting...


  1. how gorgeous! hope the thanksgiving weekend was renewing.

  2. Great pictures! It looks like a good day to stay inside by the fire.


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