Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Own State of the Union

Jason can still fall asleep anywhere. Especially these days. He's full force into the next career phase as a master builder, and working on privacy fences and remodeling a bathroom. I should add that what he's done in this bathroom is nothing short of amazing. Jason has completely redone the tub/shower and turned it into a tiled haven. It's nice to know what I can rope him into doing for our house someday. He's usually completely wiped at the end of his workday and more than just a little sore. And sleep comes quickly...I like to call this pose "The Thinker."

I have a new desk! I decided to use my Christmas money (thanks Dad, Cammie, and Memom!) to find an old desk and fix it up. I have a gorgeous little desk that my parents gave me when I graduated from Carolina but it's too small to do any substantial writing or organizing. There are some fabulous antique stores in Abilene, my favorite being Elmwood Antique Center. The ladies there were so helpful and sweet, they truly wanted me to find the perfect desk and chair. And I did. Next came the most creative thing I've ever done with furniture. Behold....

The green is really much prettier in person. Our camera is just dumb. As soon as it is all set up in our yellow guest room, I'll post some more pictures.

And Knox? Well, Knox is busy making out with his new bone. And he could not be any happier.

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  1. Please please show me how to do that? I tried it once and it looked like cat puke. I have wanted to do that with my breakfast table, but I don't like cat puke. So this poses a huge problem for me. You'll have to email or call me with the EXACT steps. I do so love the shabby chic look!!! Next on my list is my bedroom furniture. With all my spare time and stuff.


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