Friday, February 15, 2008

Overheard: Day After V-Day

"My husband actually bought me some lingerie for Valentine's Day!"

"Really? Wow...."

"I know, I told him that just the fact that he would go shopping for the stuff spoke volumes of his love for me."

"That's actually where I'm headed after this, to go buy some new underwear. Although... I don't think I will find anything particularly sexy in my size. In fact, at my age, the more it covers, the sexier it is!"


  1. I read this and let out an unholy shriek of laughter! I would die if I had to wear lingerie. Literally. It would cut off my circulation. Besides, there's nothing sexier than the Michelin All-Terrain spare tire I carry around with me in case of emergency. I came with an off-road package.

  2. Now Aunt Melba would say, "Be kind to yourself!"

    But seriously, I nearly shrieked too when I heard the lady say that last part. Can't shriek in a doctor's office...

  3. Kind of random that our posts would be such similarly themed. Next time we should plan it that way.


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