Monday, February 11, 2008

Sisters Trip

I think I've mentioned this before but in case you missed it, my mom is one of five girls. FIVE. My poor Grandaddy. So much estrogen, he never stood a chance.

Anyhow, there are five. And oldest to youngest they are:
  • Christine Joann (She goes by Joann)
  • Glenda Jean
  • Melba Jane
  • Lila Dianne
  • Betsy Cecilia

I loooooove to rattle off their names, the Southerness of it all is so soothing. They are my Aunts. And I say that like "ah-nts." Not "ants." Yes, it has made for lots of teasing over the years but that is just the proper way to say it in my family. So there.

They are hilarious. And different. And yet so much the same. Here they are with Grandaddy at my cousin Audrey's wedding a few years ago...

It's not the greatest pic, but you get the idea. Line them all up and there is no way of denying they are sisters.

Every year they take a Sisters Trip. This has gone on for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure when it started or how, but the Sisters Trip is ingrained into my childhood. All five of them would load up into someone's minivan, take off on an adventure, and leave all of us kids with our dads for a weekend or longer. We never really knew what went on during those trips. As a child, it was shrouded in mystery but I knew that they laughed a lot. The Sisters would return to drop off my mom, spilling out of the minivan, convulsing in laughter. Eventually they'd gather themselves and hug us hello. Inevitably though, one would quote a line, an inside joke, and the hysterics would begin all over again. Their laughter made me feel safe.

In the fall of 2001 the trip took a different turn after 9/11. They made the decision to travel up to NYC and volunteer with the Salvation Army. They served meals during the night shift to an unending line of workers down at the Trade Center site. They (unsuccesfully) tried to get onto the Rosie O'Donnell Show. They let Aunt Joann, speed walking as the rest of them gaggled along, lead the way onto the subway leaving Aunt Glenda behind in the process. I'm talking the doors of the subway closed in her suprised face leaving her on the platform. They eventually switched trains and came back for her. I think they all agreed after that trip that Joann shouldn't be in the lead anymore.

The Sisters Trip continues although these days, it's a stolen weekend in the midst of jobs, families, and now grandchildren of their own. My mom (aka, "the bossy one") took it upon herself to send an invitation of sorts to her sisters regarding the latest trip. I can't resist sharing it with you and giving you a glimpse inside all that estrogen...

February 21, 2008 thru the weekend !!

Ruth has graciously offered us her house to kick back and enjoy each other. YAY!

She has to be away on business Wednesday - Sunday, but will be briefly checking in once I believe; I forget exactly when.

R&R and fun shopping in historic downtown Newbern
the BEACH less than 45 minutes away!
Naptime, yoga and exercise daily.
Fabulous food and dining (out) including all the basic food groups: chocolate, coffee and potatoes !
Bring your hobbies, photos, stories and secrets to share. Free therapy and tissues provided, but you must bring your own drugs.
One phone call per person, per day allowed to husbands only. Get babysitters for everyone else on your call list. Dog is allowed. [Mom has a new dog, a miniature long-haired dachsund. For the record, I can't believe that the Sisters are letting her bring him...]

This long awaited and eagerly anticipated SISTERS' TRIP is designed to rejuvenate, refresh and recapture the hearts of 5 sisters. Excessive sleeping and acts of boredom will be greatly frowned upon and generally not tolerated. (Think of this as part of the free therapy in preparation for a ridiculously good time!!)

Remember... who was that driving on 81 South, when we drove 2 hours (yes, it was 2 hours) beyond our exit?

Remember.. Jo and her road rage, "Git Back!" ? The audacity of others to drive in lanes we don't know we're supposed to be in!

This year, thanks to Lila, aka 'the Queen', WE HAVE A DRIVER ! Wait, wait, that's not all. He is Australian and his name is Daniel (sense the breathy tone here). Best of all, he will be at our beck and call to deliver us wherever our little hearts want to go. He can't give away our secrets or give us his opinions. He can't even talk unless we ask him to. (But, when he does he has quite the sexy accent!) Girls, think of it.. 5 Miss Daisys!

I've got my pj's and fuzzy slippers!!
Lila Dianne

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