Thursday, March 20, 2008

In case you doubted our Southerness

Jason and I hopped in the car after work to go check out fridges since we need one for the new house. Midway through our search, an alarm on Jason's phone went off and he turned to me and with great glee exclaimed, "Ooh, we've gotta go to the grocery store because I'm making something tonight that will be uhhhhhhhhhhmazing." Now Internet, I know my husband likes to cook but the man was seriously excited.

Once at the grocery store, I was simply along for the ride as he zoomed up and down the aisles grabbing the most random things I could imagine. Until I started to see the recipe take shape...oil, batter mix...and then he asks me where the Twinkies might be. I screech to a halt, turn to him and holler (yes, I hollered, it's the only way to describe my volume and incredulousness and Texas twang infused therein), "Are you going to deep fry Twinkies?!?!" With a smile as big as I've ever seen, he nods emphatically.

Turns out that he watched a show titled "Deep Fried Paradise" on the Travel Channel last night after I went to bed. And spent the rest of the night dreaming of all the food items he wanted to deep fry. I vetoed the Twinkies. But then we headed to the meat and cheese aisle where my groom (who had just bemoaned his recent slight weight gain) informed me that he would be preparing Chicken Fried Bacon. "So basically," I asked, "You're going to fry bacon and then fry it again?"

"No, I'm going to deep fry it."


Because that's a horse of a different color.

But Internet, HE WAS RIGHT. Oh my lands, deep fried bacon is goooooooood. His batter was spot on and the combination is spectacular.

We're moving onto Oreos next.


  1. There's a restaurant in Cleveland that specializes in deep fried everything. From twinkies, to oreos (really good by the way), to cheesecake, lasagna, and macaroni and cheese.


  2. OMG. Deep fried bacon? OMG. My arteries are wincing even here. But, deep fried oreos are awesome. I don't even like regular oreos, but fry 'em up, and I'm your girl. Yum. Does your husband cater?

  3. Leslie, as your health coach, I must say that I am disappointed with your husband's recent ventures in cooking. I cannot stand by this decision, though I must admit some hypocrisy on my own since I have had deep-fried Oreos and they were good! xo sth

  4. Hey Leslie,deep fried bacon sounds strange and interesting, i like most things bacon.

  5. hilarious. i loved the banter...too funny. i just got back from "girls gone wild, booze cruise"...where all my TS bubble was burst in 6 shorts days. hey, when r u coming here? i got some tiny scoop for you when i see your eyeballs. when is that exactly?....we'll connect in cyber -workd this week. xxx

    i'll eat anything...deep fried or not.

  6. I can feel my arteries hardening all the way over here in Durham.

    Bacon? Then deep-fried?

    Yes, please.


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