Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's Fortune

"You will make many changes before settling down happily."

Yup. I think we're there.

We bought a fridge on Saturday and it is FANTASTIC. When did I become this grown up? As we brought it back, Jason and I kept glancing at each other, slightly freaked out by the fact that we had just purchased a major appliance. There have been several decisions that we have made for the new house that just feel so permanent. The goal for this week is to finish the house. Finish painting all the trim (and there is TONS), finish plumbing, finish staining the cabinets, and all the other odds and ends that need to be done. Then the carpet guys can come in.

Oh yes. We picked carpet too. And that was really scary. Talk about permanent. It's been interesting to venture into our first real house. The one for which we alone are responsible. The one that we'll be in several years from now. The one in which we make all the decisions and repairs and improvements.

Frightening but liberating.

We also get to make all the decorating choices now. Anything we want. Although I am not allowed to repaint anything for six months. Hmph. That is just another six months to figure out what kind of style we have or want. It was interesting enough to merge our decorating tastes when we were first married, in an apartment and then a rental house. However, my first instinct is to rub my hands together, laugh maniacally and mutter, "Mine, all mine!" But Jason has opinions too. Strong, dark colored, masculine, outdoorsy ones. Oh, and have I mentioned we are both pretty stubborn? This could get interesting.

So I will bide my time. I'll pore over magazines and decorating blogs. I will cut out pictures. Start a notebook. Create a looooooooong list of "Dream House Wishlist" items. And in six months...watch out...


  1. Send me those decorating blogs....we are buying again!!!! I need ideas!

  2. Hey-I am glad you mentioned Jason...it didn't even dawn on me, but with a baby, we need all the help we can get! If this particular house works out, we'll definately chat!

  3. hello?! I was expecting a hills commentary. hop on it!

  4. OOOhh...I love a makeover! Keep the photos coming of every project!

  5. What fun! I am glad your fortune rings true and that you are settling down happy. You should fly your mom down for some tips..but you've helped with so many of her projects that I know her design sense has rubbed off on you.
    xo sth


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