Saturday, March 08, 2008

Most Important Saturday EVER

My boys get a shot at revenge and the ACC title. Six hours and forty-nine minutes and counting. I might do a live blogging again, we'll see if our lousy internet connection is up to the challenge. In any case, prep your google reader or bloglines, just in case. ESPN hosted College GameDay live from Cameron and my sweet friend Emily was front and center making her national TV debut. Congrats! The Cameron Crazies are ready but we've got Psycho T and Ty Lawson large and in charge, ready to kick some Dook boo-tay.

We're trying to transition Knox from sleeping in his crate to simply sleeping on his dog bed. He's over a year old and trustworthy enough. Plus, the crate is just a wee bit too small for him and I feel bad that he spends 10+ hours not able to fully stretch out. Last night went well, he only whined a bit and I'm not sure how long he slept in front of our bedroom door. At least when Jason got up, Knox was on his bed. I'm going to leave the crate out for the next few nights, so it's at least an option and so that he doesn't feel like his "den" has been taken away suddenly. The hardest part of this will be getting Knox to change up his bedtime routine. Like clockwork around 9 pm he starts to pace and then will sit and stare at us. This is how he lets us know that he's ready for bed. Without the option of shutting him in his crate, I have a feeling that we're going to have to ignore a lot of staring until he learns to just go lie down. This must be the dog owner equivalent of letting your baby cry it out and learn to self-soothe. Any other advice?
How did I live this long without knowing that french toast was so easy to make? When we first got married, Jason showed me how and now it's a Saturday morning tradition. So easy, so yummy. Tres bon!
Sooooo, little bit of big news: I gave notice at my job this week. This has been a decision that came after a LOT of thought and prayer and then even more thought. Basically I'm just not the person with the passion and vision that they need in the Learning Center. My passion is for teaching fulltime and I am dying to get back in the classroom again. We decided that, since teaching is my calling, it would be worth the investment of time and money for me to go back to school. So, I've applied to grad school at one of the universities here in town. If I'm accepted I will be pursuing my Masters of Arts in English Literature with a minor in Education. I'm such a geeky bookworm that the thought of getting to read, write about and discuss great literature sounds like heaven. The waiting is nervewracking and giving notice was too, but these are the right steps to take. It's forward action. Towards something I'm passionate about. Feels good.

Thanks for sharing your irrational fears with me! Good to know I'm not alone. Ok, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine. See you back here, 9 pm eastern/8 pm central.

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  1. Good for you woman! I am a big believer in following your calling - so, good for you. I'm so jealous - you get to go back to school and learn and read and write...Do you think it is possible to be called to read books? :)


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