Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Pope would be proud

Rita and Dave have a new car. It's so cute and I think it needs a name. So, today's caption contest is:
"Name Rita & Dave's New Car."
(*Note: This contest is not sanctioned by Rita & Dave. Just my idea to keep us all entertained for the day. But who knows? Maybe they'll actually take our suggestions into consideration.)

Of course, normally as SDQ (Southern Drama Queen) I would be the judge. For this caption contest however, I am naming Rita & Dave as my guest judges. Again, there will be a prize. People, my prizes are cute, fun and even gender specific! So, here it is, The Davis' new smart fortwo:


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM


    combo of Smart and Match (cause it looks like a cute matchbox car!)

  2. Can't wait to chat! And yes, so long as my husband is back in town from his work trip, I will be there! And even if he's not, I may come late!

    Can't wait!
    Tiff :D

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    BB ..... Short (no pun intended) for

    Gregs dad .... and Daves bigger and smarter bro

  4. Um, I don't know. This is hard. I'll go with: The Convertible Blueberry.

  5. Anonymous9:51 PM

    BB .... short for Big Boy ...... or blue boy ..... or bad boy ..... or.....etc

    Gregs dad .... and davesbigger and much better looking bro

  6. itty-bitty...teensy weensy, minikin...miniscule...teeny-tiny...wee...baby..critter... coupe, cooper, roadster...chipper, jolly,joyful...perky..peppy....itsy-bitsy

    ok... took me a moment: Bitsy

  7. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Keep those names acoming!

  8. I vote Smurfette!

  9. Well, actually - any Smurf combo...since it is a smart car...perhaps Brainy Smurf???

  10. Ha - I like the blueberry reference which immediately made me think of the Willy Wonka..so Violet Beauregard!!! *she ate the gum and turned into a huge blueberry!

  11. Ok, so since the car is German if you translate "Smart for Two" from English to German it is Klug für zwei...so we could call it Klugger, Klug, Kluggy,...something like that..

  12. Ha - VIAGRA: The little blue pill - watch it get up and go!


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