Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sweet Victory

Just a few of my favorite shots from the greatest night of the year...

The dunk Paulus is seeing over and over and over again...

Looks like Dook's getting tired...

Awwww, Jon giving up.

They know victory is theirs...

Former Tenessee Vols, Jason was so happy to see them. (Correction: My husband just informed me that only Peyton Manning is a former Vol. Eli went somewhere else. Jason told me where, but apparently I wasn't listening very well because now I can't remember. Bad wife, very bad.)

Gerald sad.

Jon sad too. Bye bye, Jon and Gerald.


  1. leslie,
    i dont know if you should actually be proud of the fact that you know how to spell daggum :)

  2. now that i've become a duke basketball fan i can appreciate all the more the wonder that tar heels and devils can worship side by side through the basketball season and acc tournament. i'm nursing my wounds after last night's game, so i don't have too much to say except that i'm sad duke didn't turn out to play.

  3. i just saw your 2 week notice paragraph....

    i am thinking you worked in some sort of "cancer" environment....

    and if so, i'd love to hear about it. cancer is my passion and i'd love to get into that....

  4. Anonymous10:42 PM

    its just the fuzzy baby blankie blue uniforms .... I just can't get beyond that!

    Greg's dad


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