Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh baby!!!!

Oh, I am just so proud of my Heels. They played beautifully, stayed strong and weren't shaken.
ACC champs!!!
Now comes the ACC tourney which starts Wednesday. I'll be watching from the comfort of my desk. Hope the internet at work can handle it.
People, we are 13-0 on the road. Do you realize what this could mean as we head to the NCAA tourney? More good times to come...
The only thing that makes me sad tonight- I can't drive over to Chapel Thrill to celebrate. Have fun for me kids, and be careful with those bonfires!


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    its just those fuzzy baby blankie blue uniforms .... can't get past them......

    Greg's dad....

  2. My favorite things about this game:

    1. I watched it while in Florida (hello sunshine!).

    2. Peyton Manning was there.

    3. Revenge is so sweet.

    4. I am such a closet Carolina fan.

    5. Argyle uniforms.

    6. And, of course, reading your blog transcript.


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