Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I was in Texas yesterday, and now I am in North Carolina.

Isn't that crazy? But it's true. I drove from Texas to North Carolina. Not all at once, mind you, I stopped in Birmingham, Alabama (hey BooMama!) last night and then continued on to Lincolnton, NC and arrived this afternoon.

And I am a wee bit tired.

The trip was fairly uneventful. Only one hiccup and that occurred before I even got out of Texas and it was quickly remedied. Apparently, when I told the young man at Express Lube to please check the fluids in my car, that was code for, "Please don't let me know that my coolant is down to nothing and, whatever you do, don't tell me that I have no freon in my air conditioning system." And he followed that code. To. A. T. Because lo and behold, when I pulled off in Canton, TX to grab a quick bite, I looked down to see my temperature gauge rapidly rising to "H". I think we can all agree that four hours into a solo cross-country road road trip, "H" is not where you want the arrow to be pointing. Thankfully, there was a gas station directly to my right and it just happened to have a working mechanic's shop.

Milan, my new favorite Romanian mechanic, hosed down my engine, filled up my coolant at no charge and set me up with some freon at a very reasonable price. Crisis averted, road trip continued.

I twittered my way across seven different states and calculate that I sent out over 130 text messages. I know, it's insane. And probably terribly unsafe. But there it is.

Tomorrow, I will continue north to my true homeland, Durham/Chapel Hill. There, I will meet up with my cousin, Megan, and we will head east for the 2nd Whenever-We-Can-Pull-It-Together Cousins Trip.

It will be the true story of eight daughters of the five Cruise Sisters...picked to weekend in a beachhouse...tan/burn together and have their lives find out what happens when the estrogen flows freely...and the cosmopolitans come from a bucket ...The Real World- Holden Beach.


  1. Glad you made it here safe and sound. Enjoy a fabulous weekend at the beach!

  2. "...In my mind I'm gone to carolina...can't you just feel the sunshine..." I am so happy for you that you are HOME! Hurray for quiet time in the motherland. Missing you already!


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