Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Heart Free Wi-Fi

It's true. Free Wi-Fi in various and sundry locations has been such a joy on this trip. Like now, for instance, I am camped out at Panera Bread Company in Winston-Salem while I wait for a couple of folks to get off work. Check my email, upload pics, peruse iTunes, see how Britney's latest custody trial is going...just lovely.

The 2nd Annual Cousins Trips was a rousing success. Almost no one got sunburnt and very few of us suffered from a hangover. This person might have though...

According to the rest of the crew, we ate well. And that was because of me. Don't you love my modesty? Seriously though, I offered to take on meal planning because, well, I love it. I've loved cooking more in the last few months and I've managed to gather some pretty frickin' awesome recipes that I wanted to share. So we feasted on Big Mama's Mexican Casserole along with the fresh guac and salsa that Audrey brought from Raleigh. The next night we had a Broccoli and Ziti Bake (from a Gooseberry Patch recipe book) and Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings for dessert. If you have never heard of Pioneer Woman or have never made these dumplings, GO FORTH AND VISIT HER SITE. You'll never regret it, I promise. The one morning we did a big ol' breakfast, I made Paula Deen's Breakfast Casserole and Big Mama's Monkey Bread. And if I do say so myself it was gooooooooooood.

(And yes, that is wine in the background. Because the Shiraz from Trader Joe's? It goes with just about everything.)

We also did quite a bit of eating at Provision Company, a local dive at Holden Beach. But my lands, I can heartily attest that this dive has the best shrimp burger I have ever wrapped my lips around. And the most appropriate bathroom signage.

These are some of my former students. Most of them are all taller than me now. And they all tell me so when they see me. I love them....

Last night, the E-Ranch was together once again. And I have to say, we're looking pretty good. First time in almost a year. For this to happen, the stars have to align, I have to drive over 900 miles and Carlye has to be pregnant with her third. We're praying for a girl...


  1. i hope NC treated you well!
    the E-Ranch is looking better than ever:)

  2. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Hey Leslie,
    It's Deidra. I love reading your blog and keeping up with what is happening with you in Tx. It was fun seeing pics of some of the Trinity girls. I hope that your trip to NC is great.

  3. I am so jealous, though the green-eyed monster is appeased by the fact that I'm heading to NC this weekend. (To attend your alma mater's graduation.) It sounds like an awesome and delicious trip. And - the girls (some of them were on the run, right?) are so grown up - I can't believe it!

  4. E-Ranch reunion! We look...not bad, at all! ;) Pretty good in fact!

  5. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Spy Confession.... Am sure you prob don't remember me, but still reflect on bonding w/you at Windy Gap [yes, I was a dating a certain RJRHS guy at the time, but I digress] abt being THEEEE ONLY girls on the planet saddled w/the Ancient [how much do i miss it now?!] Middle Name RUTH. Just wanted to let you know I check in on your page [linked from EJ & Stew's] every so often b/c you crack. me. up. Such a fun read. Thanks for sharing, truly. -- Sarah Bursley McNamara[formerly Sarah Ruth - from Jody Ruth, Carolyn Ruth, Ruth Ione, etc etc]

  6. Had I known we were going to be posted on the internet, I would have primped more that day.

  7. Oh lawdy...how I do love your alter ego in that wig and sunglasses CLUTCHING your beverage - DEEELIGHTFUL!!!!!!

    Texas is missing you

  8. AC, It treated me SOOOOO well. And the E-Ranch? We're timeless...

    Deidra, Be anonymous no more. Read freely and comment often :)

    MG, Can you believe it?!?! So big...

    Allie, You said it.

    Anna, We. Look. Mahvehlous.

    Sarah, So good to hear from you! I opted for keeping Ruth after all. And I married into a family that does the Ruth thing too. Who knew?!

    Debo, Primping is so unnecessary for you. You're just that with it.

    Allison, So that my audience is completely clear, the person in that first pic IS NOT ME. I know, I know, shocking resemblance. But it's really my sister. Getting her groove on. I'm back in just a few and maybe we can finally get together!

  9. Thanks for the links to recipes! I was all excited about the Mexican casserole until I saw Ranch-style beans! We can't get those up North and the only reason I know this is because my step-dad is from TX and his mother used to ship them to us for a recipe my mom makes! Ha ha!


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