Tuesday, April 01, 2008


*Updated after a chat with our vet. Please see bottom of post...*

Apparently we are going to be responsible for some new life around here. No, we're not pregnant. After using that to scare Jason out of the hiccups last year, I learned the hard way that it is NOT something about which to joke.

Apparently, Knox has been up to more than we realized. Last night, I opened the back door to let him in and he didn't come flying by me like he normally does. I stepped out, whistled, called- no Knox. Finally he came tearing around the shed that is in the back corner of our yard. I went back to investigate and found that Knox had torn off several slats of the fence in order to procure an entryway into our back door neighbor's yard. In order to get to their dog. Their female dog. And look what we have now...
Does this sleeping position look familiar?
And here's the whole kit and caboodle. I'm not sure why our neighbors didn't tell us sooner, but they've been very gracious. Anyone want a puppy?

I am going to have a very long chat with our vet. Can you say "refund"?

Several of you have wondered about how this happened when getting Knox fixed was one of the first things we did as soon as he was of age. That's what we wanted to know! So I talked with our vet and he said,


Man, y'all fell for that hook, line and sinker! Here are some of my favorite responses from the day...

That little slut...That devil! What a bad, bad boy...That's funny. Take a look and see if Knox's balls are dropped. That is so weird. I'm glad your neighbors are gracious-they're the ones with the un-spayed pup!...

But he really did tear down fence slats to get to our neighbors. He didn't do it to get some tail, though. He's just been stealing the toys of their poor dog who is tied to a lead and can't do anything about it. Turns out, Knox isn't a slut, but he is a big bully.


  1. They are so CUTE! I swear, if Dad would let me have a dog in this house (which he won't) I would hitchhike to Texas to get one of these guys! I would love him and squeeze him and call him George. *sigh* I want a dog SO BAD, and Daddy Knox is such a handsome fella!

  2. No. Way.

  3. At first I thought this was some kind of April Fool's joke.... HOW COULD THE NEIGHBORS NOT TELL YOU... OMGoodness..they are beyond cute. That is hilarious. Does Knox go visiting the MOM and the pups? I don't understand the science of how they came to be if he had gone to the vet... I thot something was physically REMOVED?
    Mandisa and Martha nixed the idea of another buddy.

  4. Jen,
    I'm sure I could talk your dad into it. The boys NEED a dog names George. Let's work on it.

    You want one? Surely Arnold could use a friend...

    E-zactly. Hence, the LONG chat with the vet.

  5. omg. It's a miracle!

    Miracle puppies! That Knox is really something.

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    that is priceless! i totally fell for it too, but didn't write a comment. ;-) too funny!

  7. Am I the only one very saddened and heart-broken about this post? Because I wanted a puppy. I mean, that's why we bought a house. Forget square footage, we need a dog, and a dog needs a fence, which our apt is sorely lacking. I was ready to drive to Texas and get me some baby dog.

    Excuse me while I go weep into my cereal, mourning the puppy that never was.


  8. You definitely got me. wow.:)


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