Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And then we laughed. Hard.

Since we have moved to The Country House, Knox has proven to be...troublesome. I understand to a certain extent. After all, it's hard to go from being a yard dog with clear boundaries to no boundaries at all. Well, no boundaries that are physical and tangible anway. He has free reign of our giant yard and has managed to stay close to the house. Running off has not been his problem. No, Knox prefers something a bit more dangerous. Walking on the wild side, this one.

Knox likes to run after cars, trucks, motorcycles, roadside mowers, pretty much anything that goes by TCH. The problem with this is that most of the forementioned vehicles are passing our house at 50 to 65 mph. You see the problem? One afternoon, I drove up to the house and the idiotic mutt was sitting IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

Besides the fact that Knox apparently wants to become fresh roadkill, he also likes to chase our cats. We started out with three wild cats, the last of a litter born to some random prego cat that my mother-in-law fed while Jason and his Dad were working on the house last year. The two tabbies were named Charlie and Lola (after a popular Nickelodeon show), and one little black cat named Bo. While I was in NC and Jason was on a flyfishing trip, Knox managed to run off all three. Lola and Bo eventually returned, Charlie we haven't seen for weeks.

I like cats. I had cats growing up. But this is not why I want them around so badly. Cats keep away snakes. Snakes that are creepy and ugly and would want to bite me. And people, I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES. WE NEED THE CATS. LOTS AND LOTS OF CATS.

We've talked about installing an invisible fence, but we needed something that will teach Knox to leave the road AND the cats well enough alone. Today Jason came home with this:

By remote, we can send either a tone or a mild shock to Knox's collar to get his attention and emphasize the "No!" being hollered at him. We tried it out this afternoon right after he treed Lola.

Y'all, the tone alone is hilarious. When we press it, Knox jerks his head to the side and takes off running. He looks like he done lost his mind! And certainly we didn't press the tone button more than once for our own personal entertainment. Oh no, not us...

I'll have video tomorrow. You just wait...

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  1. Still with the lists.

    1. I'm dying for video.

    2. Do you like Domino?

    3. I'm so tempted to call you crazy cat lady. But, snakes? Ew.


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