Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Love a Finale

I do. A strong, rousing heartfelt ending to a show that makes you never want it to end. One that makes you breathe a deep sigh when the last note fades, a sigh of bittersweet satisfaction at a story well told.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but last night's American Idol Finale fit that entire description for me. Yes, there was a lot of filler, but what fabulously cheesy, sentimental, rockin' stuff that only a reality singing competition show could make work. And thankfully it was mostly bereft of the awful boxing anaology that the producers overused the night before.

Highlights of the Finale (in my opinion...):

~ The Top Twelve makes their debut! All white outfits, nice way to show off Carly's tattoos, which I love.

~ Janice Dickinson's overbotoxed visage jumping up and down, clapping her hands. And my husband's response, "That woman needs to just die already." Well said.

~ Bless his terribly young and inexperienced heart, David A. just seemed terribly confused by any and all elements of humor in tonight's show. Best comment to him? Mike Myers as that weird guru character, "And you, David Archuletta. You're so young. And yet soon, you'll have huge success. Also soon, you'll have hair in weird and wonderful places. But don't tug at it, no. If you do, you might make a boom boom in your pull-ups." Aaaaaaaaand cue the clueless look from David A.

~ Syesha singing "Waiting For You" and dueting with Donna Summers on "Last Dance." This was her You-Wished-You-Had-Picked-Me-Moment and I loved it! Girl can work it out, I can't wait to see her on Broadway someday...

~ Intro to the Donna Summers segment of the show. At which point my friend Allison left me this message on my cell:
"Please tell me that you watched the six girls sing 'She Works Hard For The Money.' She works hard for your money, step down, step down, step down. So hard for you honey, stomp, stomp, stomp. Hip, foot, hip bend, hip bend. I mean, seriously? Is that two year old choregraphy? And my poor Brooke, looked like she couldn't even handle that. Ok, call me."
Amen. And someone needs to tell Brooke that if she just kept her arm closer to her body, she wouldn't look so awkward. I give her a couple of tour dates and she'll be golden.

~ Winner of the "I Could Care Less About Being Here and Why Did I Agree To This Tour Thing?" Award goes overwhelmingly to Amanda Overmeyer. You've got at least four months of this in front of you, woman. Start faking it.

~ Um, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns need to become a permanent duo IMMEDIATELY. Oh my word, so fabulous. I would totally buy their stuff. Rockin'. Well done, AI producers, well done.

~ So after Ryan Adams makes his entrance. And then ZZ Top. And then George Michael, Jason turns to me and says the thing that makes me laugh the hardest I have in a while:
"So, are they basically promoting anyone that doesn't have a career anymore? I mean, let's just go all out. Hey, anybody have Whitesnake's number? How about Warrant? Or who was that guy who did that video on the beach?"
"Chris Isaak?"
"Yeah, him! Call him! Surely his career needs a boost at this point. Good lord..."

~ The Guitar Hero commercial, David Cook style: AWESOME!!! A priceless throwback. The David Archuletta version? So lame. As my husband pointed out, do we even think he knew what "Risky Business" was when they were explaining the concept? Much less had he even seen it? I'm thinking not.

~ Carrie Underwood's outfit. There are no words. However, this site managed to find some. Dear lord...

~ David Archuletta's performance with One Republic. Stunning.

~ Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr. as the Pips. Sheer genius. And totally ripped off from a classic Young Life skit. We spent the four minutes trying to figure out which one Jason was most like. Your vote?

~ The George Michael segment. I can't believe they actually sang those two songs on live TV, but hey, you know you love them too. And is it just me or is anyone else having trouble understanding anything Amanda sings? It's called e-nun-cee-a-shun. Learn it. And Chikezie? Oh boy, have we ever missed you. Gotta have a soul brotha out there!

DAVID COOK WINS!!! DAVID COOK WINS!! And teenage girls everywhere cried themselves to sleep. I loved his sheer joy, his humility, how it all overwhelmed him and his dear, authentic tears. I can't wait to see what this means for his career.

I loved this group, thoroughly enjoyed this entire season. I thought it was the most talented, the most sincere. I told Jason that if there was a ever a season for which I would actually buy tickets, it would be this one. The season ended well. It made me sigh and, of course, cry just a bit when it was all over. AI finally got it right and picked the best performer rather than the most popular. And that makes for a great finale.


  1. My favorite parts of the night:

    1.) Brooke and Graham Nash!! I openly cried!! That was her perfect song.

    2.) David Cook with ZZTop. I found myself singing and dancing around my room!

    3.) Laughing at Carrie Underwood's AWFUL outfit!

    4.) Loving George MIchael's performance of his own song. Simple and lovely.

    5.) Syesha - basically everything she did was flawless!

    I loved this season and was sad to see it end!

  2. Lists are good.

    1. I don't watch this show. I don't need to, what with reading your blog.

    2. Summer shorts + a double-breasted-wearin' Mary Kay lady from Dallas after Memorial Day + vintage Stevie Nicks = Carrie Underwood

    3. Robert Downey Junior is just too damn good for his own good. I would buy tickets to him. Mmm...remember the Elton John video?

    4. Ryan Adams? Was it really RYAN Adams? Because. Whoa. Dude lost some indie cred there.

    5. Crap. I just realized I missed "So You Think You Can Dance" last night.


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