Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There are two special women that need to be celebrated today on the anniversaries of their birth.

The first is one of the sisters of my heart and fellow E-Rancher, Anna Elizabeth...
Anna is a woman of style, such style. The girl can put anything on and make it chic, sassy, and oh so lovely. She is the best encourager and lovingly challenges all her friends to never accept anything less than the best that they deserve. She is a wonderful cook, loving "mom" to Daisy the Dog, a runner and soon-to-be half-marathoner, a fabulous wife (right, Ben?), fiercely loyal and steadfast. Happy Birthday, dear friend, and welcome to a new decade!

The Cruise Family has its fair share of estrogen. Actually, more than its fair share and I wouldn't trade that for all the money in the world. Today, my cousin and friend, Jennifer, celebrates her birthday as well. Since she has four year old twin boys, I imagine her birthday got off to an early start.

See that smile, that laugh? That is Jen personified. One of the funniest people I know, she can have you laughing within five seconds of just being in her presence. I'm talking stomach hurting, pee your pants, tears streaming down your face laughter. It's the best thing in the world and I don't get nearly enough of it these days. She is also a tremendously gifted writer and can craft the English language in ways that I can only dream of. We have grand ideas of writing the story of our family together (along with a few other cousins) and I can't imagine a better person to tell the tale than her. Happy Birthday, Jen! May it be filled with hugs, kisses, pampering, and an ice cold beer. You know I love you more'n my luggage...


  1. There are no can't possibly know how much that means to me!

    Although maybe I can come up with a few words after all in honor of my birthday.....

    VIVA CORONA!! (and lime)

  2. why, thank you! I can't believe I earned a blog tribute. Here's to 30. Day One is going well so far.


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