Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh My

Ok, so the current Tom Cruise creepiness aside, I think we can all agree that "Top Gun" is one of the best movies of the 80's. It's on HBO tonight and I'm watching it for the first time in a very long time. I don't remember the first time I saw "Top Gun" but I do remember falling in love with the music. Kenny Loggins, God love him, created a freaking awesome soundtrack. Although the volleyball scene doesn't do a lot for me now, "Playing With The Boys" is one of my favorite running songs.

I do remember Mom and Dad going to see it when it first came out. Being nine at the time, I was most certainly not allowed to see it then and not for several years after. After watching it tonight with older eyes, I can certainly see why.

Those steamy scenes?

Goodness. I'm married and I still felt like I was watching something I shouldn't.

My parents were more strict than some of my peers' parents when it came to the kind of movies I could see. I definitely wasn't supposed to see PG-13 movies until I was past 14. Um, yeah. I broke that rule in 4th grade at Rika's birthday slumber party. Rika was pretty much allowed to do whatever she wanted to do so even at age nine, a PG-13 movie was no big deal to her or her parents. To me, it was a huge crisis of conscience.

You see, Rika had picked "SpaceCamp" and "Mannequin" for our viewing pleasure. I couldn't tell any of my friends that I wasn't allowed to see those movies. It would make me the laughingstock of Whitaker Elementary. So I said nothing. And I watched the movies. "SpaceCamp" was fabulous, such a fun story and nothing more than a few curse words to offend my Presbyterian sensibilities. But "Mannequin"? Oh my word. Sex, language, semi-nudity- so much more than I should have ever filled my "Little Women" loving mind.

But I did get to see Anthony from "Designing Women" in another role. And to this day, "SpaceCamp" is still Kelly Preston's best role.

And Mom and Dad? I'm still mad that Jenny Norfleet got to see "Dirty Dancing" when it came out, even though it was rated R, and even though we were the same age. So not fair...

So what about you? Any young movie-going/watching angst you need to get off your chest? Feel free to share. I promise to be sympathetic.


  1. Movie restrictions is a Cruise women specialty. We weren't allowed to see Dirty Dancing, but were forced to listen to the soundtrack all the way to Disney World and back when it first came out. When I did watch it (I was 17), I would sing with GUSTO "Cry to Me" and remember that crazy "dance" they did during that song in the movie. Trouble.

    I once hated my parents for their mantra--"If the government won't let you see it, do you think we will?" (This being Clinton era movie ratings and you never know what Democrat will let pass as PG-13.) Now, I totally respect them for it. I'm already embarrassing my unborn children with my reactions to movies and pop music. I'm not really sure they'll be allowed out of the house.

    So, this concludes my ridiculously long comment. By the way, I think your new design/layout/masthead is quite lovely!

    Cousin Sarah

  2. Oh, yeah. No PG-13 movies till we were 13 and no R movies ever. I did not see "Dirty Dancing" until Two. Thousand. Four. Yup. I did see "Coming to America" in eighth grade, however, and learned that Rated R + Eddie Murphy = Hilarity.

  3. Wish I had known you were blogging all this time. Now, I'm going to have a hard time getting anything done as I read through all your preivious posts!

    I can't even begin to list all the movies I wasn't allowed to watch my parents didn't even like was Disney G movies if any movies at all. Course, I broke every rule and watch whatever when at friends houses. I totally remember the spiritual conflict.

  4. Are you joking? I was raised by uberhippies and nothing was tabu after the age of 12..Dirty Dancing - saw it! Valley Girls - saw it (btw, if you haven't RENT IT NOW!) The only thing forbidden was Purple Rain. I watched it with my sitter and I didn't even get it really...I was just so into Prince..*sigh*


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