Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Forth & Read

I have actual topics to blog about personally, but they require me finding some middle school memorabilia that I juuuuuuust can't quite put my hands on at this point. So I thought I'd point you towards some other blogs I've enjoyed reading today...

~ Anna on baby showers, etc. Proud members of KAE since 2001.

~ BooMama on It's a Musical EXPERIENCE, Y'all. She's as excited as I am about this trailer, and it makes me so happy.

~ Dooce on Why our next dog will be a sea monkey. This reminds me that my dogs could be worse. And more high strung.

~ The Pioneer Woman (w/ special guest chef) on Zucchini Cakes. I made these for dinner the other night. They were really easy to make and even easier to shove in my mouth.

~ Big Mama on The diet. Ladies, she understands our pain.

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  1. Omg. Totally read Dooce yesterday and agree 100%. Boo Mama's blog is a masterpiece. And so true.


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