Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I actually have TOO much to blog about.

My fabulous husband made dinner tonight. Jason is a true chef. The man can look in our fridge, freezer and cupboard and come up with something that tastes fan.tas.tic.

So, let's take a look at the quiche he made, Pioneer Woman style...

First, start with your crust. In this case, Jason MADE this crust. I'm so in awe of him right now...

Of course you need eggs for a quiche. Ours come straight from the hen house. Another perk of living in TCH.

Cheese is necessary too. We're too lazy to actually hand grate. Bag o' Cheese, the way of the champion chef.

Here he is, my own personal chef. I'd like to point out that, yes, that is a Carolina ballcap. And that towel? It's a permanent fixture when he cooks.

His concentration is so nonchalant. I love him so. Whisk away, my love.

He decided that shrimp would be the other key ingredient. We like to keep beef, chicken and shrimp in our freezer. Options, people. I need them.

Milk, it does a body good. We only had the fat-free kind in the fridge. Jason calls it white water. This fact would come back to haunt us later. Note to self: only use whole milk for quiches. (Do you see how fast he's moving? Intense, this man.)

Quiet, folks. This stuff doesn't just make itself. J needs to concentrate.

What's that? Who's at the back door? Our two mangy mutts. Begging, of course.

They think if they sit pretty, they'll get something. Can't you just hear them saying "Pleeeeeease?"

Ok, back to business. My job was to pull tails and dice the shrimp. Usually, I just stand around and look pretty when J is cooking, but I was glad to pitch in this time.

Ok, everything's mixed and poured!

Hmmmm, too much shrimp in the middle. Let's make this a little more even...

Jason's whisk action is so fast the camera can barely catch it!

And into a 325 degree oven...

Wow, 7:18. This is going to be a late dinner.

Forty-seven minutes!? A really late dinner. In my family, we call that "Eating With The Hamiltons." We're working on the trademark.

And voila!

The crust was sheer perfection. The stuffing delightfully cheesy.

Folks, it's official. I married up.


I can't believe our sweet new kitties only got one comment yesterday! So here's some more pictures. The Country House Kittens- Day Two. Still sleeping. Still eating.


  1. Oh I can not wait to bring ben out to hold them....oh I can not wait

  2. I was riveted by the Quiche production.... it was soooo PIONEER...only better because Jas is so much more appealing than Marlboro Man....but the kittens were blind and kinda scary.... try again once they open their tiny sealed eyeballs.

    I am paralyzed by my Blog....so much water has gone under the damn... I don't know how to start and it will show.

    Bit and I have big girlie plans to do Mama Mia next week. Saw The Black Knight last night...no comment...well, just one word: LONG.


  3. Ok...a few things...

    #1. Before I forget - I don't know if I gave you my hair girls number. Let me know.

    #2. I love that you have so many posts so quickly together. I love to read a blog that has been updated almost daily. (Note to self: update blog today!)

    #3. I am totally going to gross you out, but you need to know! I used to use that "oh so convienient" shredded cheese. At a Pampered Chef party, the hostess exclaimed that we need to read the ingredients of food. Basically that pre-shredded stuff has plastic in it and that's why it stays good so long. You won't actually see the word plastic on there, but you will see a fancy name for plastic. My husband regrets letting me go to that Pampered Chef party because he has now become the official cheese grater around here!

    #4. Your plastic cheese and my comment has just inspired my post for today...thanks!

    Love ya girl!


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