Monday, July 21, 2008

Look! Kittens!

I went out to feed Lola this morning and she looked a LOT skinnier. I did a little amatuer vet check and there was one other sign that yes indeedy, she had her kittens. (I know, major gross out, right? But hey, that's country life these days.)

Lola's been shacking up in the shed behind Jason's shop. This shed is currently stuffed to the gills with Memom's old stuff. Stuffed. I had no idea where the wee ones could be. Finding them involved carefully moving a few items alternated with standing absolutely still and waiting to hear their tiny "mew!" Finally Lola came back in and showed me right where they were. And here they are!

Aren't they so teeniny? I counted three, which is good because Lola is so small that I think more than that might have been dangerous. They're doing what they do best, eating and sleeping. When I finally found them Jason looked at me with this "Leslie Ruth Petree, do NOT get attached to these kittens" look. It's trademarked at this point.

But no worries, these little ones will be heading to new homes when they're ready. If you want one, just let me know!

And here's the other worthless animal hanging around the house. Lazy bum...

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  1. Oh how adorable...I do love a baby kitty! Just make sure you pick them up and love on them as soon as Lola will let you - Nobody loves the psycho wild cat :-) Unless you need a barn cat!

    If Bagger were with Jesus, I would totally take one!


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