Monday, July 21, 2008

I Was The Weirdo Dancing In Her Seat

This afternoon, I headed into town to catch a matinee of "Mama Mia!"

Oh. My. Word.

If you love musicals, then you need to grab your musical lovin' friends, buy your tickets ASAP and go watch this FANTASTIC movie adaptation of the Broadway show. I laughed, cried (shocking, I know) and literally had to restrain myself from standing up and dancing. It is just that good! As soon as my personal allowance allows, I will be buying the soundtrack from iTunes.

And singing loudly in my car with no shame whatsoever.

Also, one of the previews was for HSM3. For you teen-impaired folks out there, that would be "High School Musical 3". Oh yes, we've got one more and this time it's only in theatres. Y'all, I'm not going to lie, the preview gave me goosebumps and made me do a little seat dance. And I might have shed a tear.

I know, I know. The crying? It is a burden I have to daily bear.

One more thing: if you missed tonight's ESPY Awards with Justin Timberlake as host, you missed one freaking awesome show. Go comb through your cable schedule, find it, tape it and get ready to laugh until you pee. I'm just sayin', is all.


  1. I was wondering what your opinion of Mama Mia was going to be (I just knew you were going to see it). I am hoping to go this coming weekend.

    Also, I will be standing in line with my birthday girl niece for the opening of HSM3. She will be having a HSM themed party (she's turning 4 on 10-22) and will think I am the cat's meow for that movie!!

  2. I'm seeing it on Wednesday (hopefully). Can't wait!

  3. LOVED me some JT on the ESPYs. He's my Hollywood boyfriend, you know.

    I'm holding off on I know I'll be knee deep in Zac Efron one of these days.

  4. Reen, I love that you knew that about me :) And you are a very, very, very good auntie for braving the pre-teen crowds.

    Debo, I expect a full report.

    Boom, I'm not sure how JT can be your boyfriend when he is SOOOO mine. And Zac Efron? Have you seen the guns he's sporting these days? I'm a little ashamed to say this but...yummy.


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