Saturday, July 26, 2008

I sleep next to my own personal Discovery Channel

Marriage is full of discoveries.

I have a sweet friend, a spankin' new newlywed, and she is kindly sharing with me the things she is discovering about her new husband and their new life together. These things are not hugely important, they are not life changing discoveries. However, I think those of us that are married would agree that it was those small, everyday discoveries in the first months of marriage that rocked our worlds.

Like the fact that your husband hangs his wet towel over the brand new white shower curtain.

Or that your wife often leaves dirty plates in the sink for more than twelve hours.

Or he throws white and colors together in the laundry. Every single time.

Or she lets her clothes pile up on the floor of her closet.

Or he puts his toothbrush in a glass on the counter while you've always put yours in a drawer.

You know, that kind of thing.

However, the discoveries do not end after the first year. Oh no, they still pop up every once in a while. Like this past week when I discovered that my husband sleepwalks. (By the way, I have Jason's full permission to tell the following story.)

The cute sleeptalking and gesturing that he does in his sleep has been my nightime amusement for quite some time. I like to engage him in his nonsensical conversations and see how long it takes him to wake up. The record is about four minutes.

Last Monday night we had another one of those conversations. Sometime around 2 am, I woke up when he got out of bed and headed into the master bath. When he climbed back into bed I asked him if everything was ok.

He responded, "Yes, it was just a disagreement with the butcher's wife."

Oh, this was going to be good. "Really, the butcher's wife?"

"Yeah, a disagreement about the boxers."

"So you had a disagreement with the butcher's wife about boxers?"

"Yup, she wouldn't see it my way."

"Well, that must have been frustrating."

"Yeah...wait, what?"

At this point he'd woken up and my fun was over. Or so I thought.

Wednesday morning, I was in my closet (which is inside our bathroom) trying to pick out an outfit. Between the two hanging rods on either side I have stacking storage cubbies for my t-shirts, etc. I noticed that the tank tops in the third cubby down had been pulled out. Now, I'm not at what we'll call my ideal weight so I haven't worn these tank tops in quite some time. Curious, I leaned down to straighten them up.

Y'all, they were SOAKING WET.

Uh huh, that's right. Somehow the disagreement with the butcher's wife led Jason to take an entire stack of tank tops out of my closet, take them to the sink, douse them in water and put them right back where he had found them.

Due to the fact that the wet items had been sitting there unnoticed for two days, they were a bit...aromatic. I ended up having to wash not only what was in the cubby with the tank tops but everything in the cubbies below.

And I did separate the whites and colors before they went in the washing machine.

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