Monday, July 28, 2008

Ok, let me wipe the tears off of my face.

Your comments for the Ethel Gloves Giveaway were breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your stories and the sweet times that you have had with loved ones in the dirt, veggies and flowers! If you haven't yet, do go back and read them. You just may be as inspired as I was...

Ok, I couldn't figure out to do the random number generator thing. So. I wrote each person's name down on a slip of paper and had one of the waitresses at the coffee shop where I am currently camped out pull three random winners.

And they are...

Melba Jane (aunt and gardener extraordinaire)

Mary Grace (carrying on the family tradition of peonies at her new home)

Megan (gardened with her dad, passing the love on to Asher)

All M's- congratulations ladies! Please head over to the Ethel Gloves Store and email me with the following info: the pattern you'd like, your size and mailing address.

I wish I had more than three pairs to give away but remember that you can use the code "Diary" and receive 10% off the very reasonable price of $18 until August 23rd. And I didn't mention it before, but these gloves are seriously hardworking (as well as sassy!) and have received lots of praise from accomplished gardeners.

Thanks again for all the lovely comments and stories. Happy gardening!

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  1. not to be creepy or anything but I seriously think you and I could be best friends! I have not been able to stop listening to the new Sugarland album. My favorites are Steve Earle and What I'd Give, andTake Me As I Am, and of course,The Very Last Country Song.

    This is their best album yet!!

    And you're going to LOVE The Shack!! I got it from Laura and cried through the entire thing! I really believe it has changed my life! I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


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