Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's Sunday night. A large number of parents and children that I know are gearing up for tomorrow- The First Day of School. We spent the weekend in Lubbock and I listened as Scout and her best friend Reese earnestly discussed First Day of School outfits and their mothers pondered where to buy the perfect shoes to match. I listened as Will eagerly told us of getting the teacher he had hoped for. I listened as mothers discussed the pros and cons of certain kids being in their own child's class this year. I watched as Will and Scout opened their First Day of School treats that I had brought for them. I have listened and read as my friends that are teaching have bemoaned in-service or have explored new curriculum to teach.

But do you know what I haven't done? I haven't created name tags for desks, wondering what funny little people will fill them. I haven't posted class rules on a classroom wall, hoping to lead with gentle and loving authority. I haven't stood at a "Meet the Teacher" night, talking with parents as they clue me in to the quirks and joys of their child. I haven't covered bulletin boards, anticipating what student crafted work will soon cover them. I haven't picked out a First Day of School outfit of my own, something that says "I'm in charge and, yet, totally cool."

I have listened. I have watched. I have read. I have been a bystander.

I miss teaching somethin' awful. I miss having a group of my own to love, to pray for, to teach, to learn along with them, to watch as they grow in knowledge and in character. So I won't go to sleep in anticipation of tomorrow's First Day of School. But I will anticipate next fall, when I might have a classroom of my own again. When I might be in a school that is almost as wonderful as this one. When I will once again have the opportunity to exercise the gifts God has given me and to pour out the tremendous love He has planted in my heart.


  1. now you would be the ONLY teacher I would be excited about sending my children too. I'm anti-anticipating right along with ya!

  2. Leslie-

    In all the hub-ub of the first day and the first weeks of school, I have lost sight of what is really important....that these kids all need love and someone to brighten their day. Thanks for reminding me about what I do and why I do it...

    God Bless you this school year as he prepares the hearts of those you will touch NEXT FALL in your classroom!


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