Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why I Am Excited Today

  • Turns out that Laptop does NOT have a virus. Ironically enough, it was the anti-virus software I had downloaded that made him act so freaky. Problem semi-solved and lesson learned: I'm having a professional load the software on next time.

  • Our washing machine has recovered from its severe hot flashes and it is just fine. Turns out that it was exchanging currents with the dryer, welding together which led to fire. A close pair before, they are now separated and none the worse for the wear.

  • In a little over twelve hours, I will be on a plane headed for North Carolina! It's a short trip to celebrate the newest member-to-be of The E-Ranch: The Next Generation as Carlye is finally having a little girl. I'll also get to spend some much needed time with my Marmee and briefly see Allie. She's busy defending our country this weekend on active duty with the Air National Guard. I suppose I can excuse her.

  • I have a new part-time job (I know, again!) in the old place that I worked at through April. I'm back at Hendrick Cancer Center, working three days a week as the front receptionist. I love being back with the folks I worked with before AND I get to wear scrubs to work! This has always been a secret desire of mine- just for a little bit, to work at a job that required scrubs. It's so comfy, so chill, so Grey's Anatomy.

I'm taking Laptop with me to NC, so I might be blogging from the road. This too, is a dream come true. Happy weekend to y'all!

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  1. I am 100% percent jealous of my mom. She wears scrubs to work.

    I am now 100% jealous of the fact that come Monday I will be dressed up and you will be in Scrubs!


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