Friday, September 05, 2008

Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

I decided to sweep the mudroom since our house is being shown this afternoon (fourth time in two days!). I aimed the broom towards what I thought was a dead spider. I had noticed it last night as Jason was doing laundry and made a mental note to get it up this morning. Lazy, yes, but I had a migraine and didn't feel like gathering arachnids at the moment.

So, I swept the (supposedly) dead spider and IT SCAMPERED AWAY. And it was then that I noticed IT HAD A TAIL.

Y'all, it was a BABY SCORPION. In my house. Mere feet from where we slept last night.

Say it with me, "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

I grabbed the dustpan, gave the thing a couple of good smacks and brought that baby scorpion's short life to a prompt end.

And then took pics.

Let's get closer, shall we?

Uh huh, welcome to my nightmare. And don't think that for the last hour my skin hasn't been crawling and every little tickle on my legs hasn't sent me squealing and slapping at them.


Edit: My sister just reminded me that where there is a baby there have to be parents. Oh my lord, I may never sleep well again...Or be barefoot in my own house.


  1. oh FOUL!!! That's deee-sTUss-tin'! (as my son would say)

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    just look up "Bot Fly" on youtube. now That is amazingly, and incredible disgusting (fun Biology classes). but i totally agree on the scorpion.

  3. damn prehistoric predatory creatures! I HATE THEM. When we moved into this house we killed ten in two weeks - UM GROSS! And I became paralyzed every time I saw one. More than once I trapped the little sucker (for lack of a more enjoyable, accurate, yet inappropriate word) and made Kevin come home from work and kill it. I HATE THEM. Have I said that yet? I HAAAATEEE THEM! But I will tell you that living in the country doesn't help the infestation...but you CAN TREAT for them. Call Orkin - they have this "dust" for your attic and underneath your sinks. Keep your bathtub drains closed when not in use. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous1:50 AM

    ewewewewewew....i'm glad you were able to "take care of it". and, hopefully you won't have a run in with its parents.

  5. That just took my breath away.

    yes. it did.


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