Monday, October 20, 2008

Not A Girl...Can We Call Her a Woman Now?

Over the last few years, I will admit that I have harbored a fair amount of disdain and disgust at how Britney Spears has lived her life. Many a time I have climbed on my soapbox and blamed her for all the rotten self-esteem issues of young girls everywhere.

And then her life began to fall apart.

Suddenly, she wasn't that glamorously put together Pop Barbie that we had all watched. She was bald, in rehab, stalked by paparazzi, dating a paparazzi, losing her sons, and being admitted for psychiatric observation. Also, no one ever bothered to tell her that she could afford some really nice wigs instead of the ghetto weave she was sporting.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I started to feel really bad for her. Compassion started to peek through the self-righteousness. I think it was after I watched video after video of the paparazzi swarming her car making it impossible for her to even walk. What was always obvious hit me in a new way- she is a person. A person with feelings, fears, and emotional baggage of her own that I probably couldn't even begin to understand.

I started to look at her differently. I started to pray for her even. And I hear how that sounds, praying for a celebrity. Weird, right? But there it is. I've loved watching her come back from all that chaos. I saw a picture of her recently, picking up her sons from preschool. And you know that she looked like? A young mom picking up her sons from preschool. How delightfully normal...

On Bebo Norman's latest album is a track titled "Britney." Yes, that Britney. The lyrics speak for themselves and the images in this video seem to line up perfectly with what Bebo was trying to say.

Also, Amy Beth has written a pretty fabulous post on this topic as well over here. And trust me, she says it better than I ever could.

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