Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exhausted Stream of Consciousness

It began on Wednesday, this intense push to the Fashions For The Cure-Style Show on Thursday night and the Fashions For The Cure-5k Run, Walk or Waddle on Saturday morning. There were multiple errands to be run, 300+ chairs to cover with these gorgeous black covers and hot pink sashes, trays of food to pick up and deliver to the Civic Center, 200 5k goody bags to stuff, sort, alphabetize, not to mention the general set-up and break-down for both events.

One event in high heels, the other in running shoes.

And now we're finished. Crossed the finish line, quite literally. The last time I remember being tired like this was almost exactly a year ago, after completing my one and only marathon. That was more tiring, but this is close.

Legs are sore (I managed to run a mile and a half of the 5k), brain is fried, eyes barely open.

I have lots of pictures of both events. Two hundred and three, to be exact. However, I'm fairly certain that our lame internet service out here at The Country House will revolt if I try to upload them all. So here are some highlights for me...

From the Style Show

We had an Art Bra Exhibition and there were some really creative entries. This was one of my favorites, based on the wind turbines that dot the West Texas horizon, "Wind TurBra."

Truly, a room full of chairs covered like this was stunning.

Seriously sassy clothes from Village Boutique, not to mention the fabulous shoes!

Yeah, this would be our state representative. STATE REPRESENTATIVE. In the Texas Legislature. Trust me, I have more pics and this will be a post all of its own.

I want these shoes. I need these shoes. So perfect for casual autumn/winter days.

From the 5k Run, Walk or Waddle

Our youngest still my beating ovaries...

A beautiful crisp Autumn morning, just perfect for a run, walk or waddle.

Peaceful triumph.

Cancer survivors, crossing the finish line. Look at that joy!

This father and his daughters caught my eye because of their t-shirts. Angie and Alice were his sisters that died of cancer and "a little wren" is the girls' sister, Jen, who is a cancer survivor. But what I really loved was the back...

"the tears don't hurt like the ache does"...And really, Anne Shirley always did say it best...


  1. looks like a very cool event! Totally dig your state rep's shimmery skirt and.... omg, is that a fox stole?!

    So, all the things they say about Texas really are true...

  2. Clearly I am tired. I read the Britney post and then this and am concerned over current mental status as I have BURST into tears. What a week, huh?


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