Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For a while, I was really grooving on this here blog. I was posting almost every day and I loved it. It's a good discipline for me to write every day, whatever the form or topic. But after the fourth or fifth post about our freckle-faced dog or the new kittens (which are not so new anymore, anyone want one?), I figured you were probably sick of them.

And here's the shocking secret: I don't have much else to write about.

I mean, if I was going to be so bold I would write about work and the patients with whom I interact. But really, that would kind of be a breech of medical confidentiality. And for crying out loud, they're cancer patients! It just feels a little insensitive to turn their suffering into humorous fodder for my blog. So scratch that off the list.

I don't have too much of a social life so there's not much to contribute to the blog in that area. Although tomorrow night could change that. There is an annual fundraiser happening for which I am apparently on the planning committee. This is a very generous title for me because my contributions have been to help Mrs. Whirly as much as she'll let me (i.e. buying pink boas at Hobby Lobby), help put on 300+ chair covers/sashes, and stand and observe. I suspect that tomorrow night I will do what I did last year: sit at the back with Allison and quietly heckle. Debo would be so proud.

We still don't have any moving plans. This whole economic crisis has put a serious damper on house showings. Before it hit, the house was being shown at least 4 times a week. Since then, it has shown twice. TWO TIMES. Obviously, this has us concerned. Pretty much all we can do is trust in the Lord and His timing, and focus on the other things that need attention and care in our life and marriage.

The other reason that I haven't been writing as much is my new daily routine. Work, arrive home, go for a power walk/run (yup, I'm working exercise back into my life), dinner and then quality time with Jason. To be completely honest, most nights I am picking spending time with him over writing. And probably, that's just how it should be.

Ok, ok, I'll be even more honest. Some of that time I'm spending with Jason? We're watching TV and I'm surfing, blog reading, and other such internet distractions.

So there it is.

Not much to write about + Internet distractions= not so many blog posts.

I guss I should start working on those embarassing middle school boyfriend stories, huh?


  1. For not having much to write about, you did GREAT! :)

  2. I'm feeling ya' on this! But the strangest part to me is that I feel some weird sense of obligation if I don't write. I know it sounds crazy, but I do! :)

  3. ...want some stories about Middle School students making out in the stairwells?

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    yes bring on the embarrasing stories ...of you of course. :)


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