Friday, October 10, 2008

The One and Only Serena

It's her birthday today. And believe me when I say there is NO ONE like her on this whole blessed planet. I first met her when I had the privilege of teaching her oldest daughter. It was pretty much love at first sight with the whole family and it's remained that way to this day.

What do I love? First of all, she has the most fabulous red hair you've ever seen. Once you meet her, you realize, well of course she has to have red hair. It just couldn't be any other way. She is wonderfully authentic. It wouldn't be possible for her to hide all that she is and that is why she is one of my heroes. Her passion is contagious, she recognizes a good margarita, she loves her kids for all they're worth, and her back porch is the best place to be for a lazy afternoon chat.

When I went home to NC this past May, I was lucky enough to shack up at the H-House for a night. I got to be a part of the wonderfully crazy ebb and flow of their home, from curling up on the couch with the eldest to watch "Lost" to the next morning as all the kiddos prepared for Granparents & Special Friends Day at Trinity.

She is one of The Moms I want to be like one day. Happy Birthday, my funny, fabulous, brave friend...

(Serena, Me & The Eldest)


  1. Just wondering if you've read Fab K's latest blog about TV shows and what you thought about it.....

    Showed some insight into a question you asked me one night at Bible Study....said you asked Abby as well.....

    Just wondering if you got the same "ahhhhh" moment I got.

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Happy B'day Serena !- still as gorgeous as the day I met you! (17 years ago! - wow) one of my heros as well and the first woman I'd say who "discipled" me. She let me into her life when I was a high schooler and things were never quite the same - after a glimpse of how you can be a strong, gutsy, authentic, funny woman AND Christian. One real woman who loves Jesus! Can I get an Amen?!
    - Carlye

  3. good grief.... i'm speechless.
    love love love you, i do.
    carlye belle too....

    thanks for the tribute.

  4. ahhhh, just found out we get to hang out this weekend. woot, I'm so excited!!! can't wait to see you! I mean, my bff is coming right, not just Jason?!!


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