Friday, October 03, 2008


I should post something of substance here. I should write some wonderfully poetic prose of the sunsets that occur to the west of our house. I should relate some funny anecdote about Knox and his silly freckle-faced ways. I should give you an update on our moving plans (there are none.)

I should write.

But y'all, I don't really have a lot to write about. Sorry about that.

It's October, my birthday month. And even though I'm in my 30's now and should bemoan my upcoming 31st birthday, I won't. Because you know what? It took me a long time to get here and I am grateful for every day, every month, every year that has led to my 30's.

Why do we hurtle ourselves through every inch of time and space?
I must say around some corner I can sense a resting place.
With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face,
We'll amuse ourselves one day with these memories we'll trace.
~ Indigo Girls

Today is my "day off" (Mrs. Whirly didn't have anything for me to do today) and so I'm enjoying the quiet noises of a local coffee shop. And the free high-speed internet. I've watched more trains than I can count speed by on the train tracks that divide the north and south sides of town. I enjoyed a long chat with a dear friend whom I haven't seen in too long of a time. We talked about authenticity and knowing people wholly and well. She is brave, my friend, and I admire her journey.

I've been thinking and praying for so many people. The luxury of not having anything going on in my own life is that it has freed me up to pray and think of so many others. So I'm praying for yet-to-be-born little ones. A little girl with two big brothers awaiting her. A little boy who has defied medical odds and is still resting in his mother's womb long past what the doctors thought. Another little boy who will be born to a courageous single mother and will be loved on by her roommate, a 24 year old who so generously opened her home to them. A second set of twins that will join their big brother and sister, twins themselves. Truly, the list goes on and on as so many little ones join my circle of friends...

I'm praying for other couples that I know are going through rough times themselves. I pray for my sister and rejoice at the joy that resides in her life as she pursues her life goals. I pray for a cousin who is on her own and finding her own way in this world. I pray for our country and for wisdom to guide us all. I pray a lot these days.

So there it is. I'm trying to live purposefully in this time of nothing much going on. And look at that...I thought I should write and write I did.


  1. Get out the map! Get out the map!
    LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Enjoy your time of peace...when everything is still and not a lot is going on.. I am afraid I often miss the sweetness in those seasons by looking at what is next. I pray its a wonderful time of communion in your life.

    And happy birthday,...things do get better with age, don't they?


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