Friday, November 28, 2008

Total Sloth

Well folks, I am going to consider today a success. If there is any day (other than Christmas Day or New Year's Day...or any Saturday from my early 20's), the one after Thanksgiving is when you have full permission to stay in your pajamas all blessed day. And so that is exactly what I did.

I am here to tell you unashamedly that it has been sheer perfection.

Originally, I had big plans to get up and hit the Black Friday sales. Not because I have that much shopping to do or because I am bound and determined to get the best deals. I was just kind of curious to see what all the fuss is about.

But then I woke up and the alarm clock said 9:38. I think it was at that moment that staying in my pjs all day won out over curiosity.

I also watched copious amount of girly reality TV. Until our recent acquirement of cable and the Oxygen channel, I had no idea that I was missing the delightful antics of Tori and Dean. Also, in case you were wondering, Kimora is still fabulous and her daughters are still divas-in-training.

You're welcome.

Our Thanksgiving turned out to be quite the cozy little day after all. I spent the majority of the afternoon in the kitchen and have never been happier to do so. As I baked and baked and baked I realized that I am extremely grateful to have grown up in a home where cooking from scratch was the norm. Oh sure, shortcuts were taken from time to time and I certainly wasn't a stranger to take-out as a kid. But by and large, I watched my mom, aunts and Grandmother craft many a meal from recipes tried and true.

Jason grew up that way too, even more so since his family lived out on a farm. So yet another perk of being his wife is getting to share the kitchen with him. And for the record, if sharing counter space means that I also get to enjoy a slow dance for no reason except the mood just struck us...well then, my love, you can have all the counter space you want.

(Paula Deen would be so proud of the amount of butter we used yesterday...)


  1. One word.... YUM! :)

    And you were wise to stay in your pj's yesterday. :)

  2. I forgot to mention that those ROLLS look AWESOME! How did they taste?

    I tried a new recipe for rolls this year and we liked them, but not as well as last year's attempt. :) I, of course, lost my copy of that recipe.

    And what is that yummy looking concoction with all the butter? Is that brown sugar sprinkled liberally overtop? OH MY GOSH!

    You table looks just wonderful! You sure worked hard!


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