Monday, December 01, 2008

Just a Typical Monday

We were at the doctor's office today from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. Jason has been dealing with allergies along with some other nasty junk for the last several months. Thankfully, this doctor was capable, knowledgeable and confident that the treatment plan he outlined will considerably increase Jason's quality of life.

It took fifty-five pricks, several breathing tests, an exercise challenge (which made me wonder if the doctor was basing his practice on "Survivor") and a chest/nose/throat x-ray to determine one thing we already knew. Jason is highly allergic to pretty much any tree, grass or pollen.

We heard so many good things about Chattanooga as we prepared to move here. However, the one thing that everyone neglected to tell us is that Chattanooga is tied with a city in China for the highest pollen count in the world.

Good times.

Also, the x-ray showed that the hubs has basically had sinus infection on top of sinus infection for who knows how long. It is now so bad that he has a cyst/polyp on his left sinus and his right sinus is covered in something I won't describe so that you'll stay friends with me.

Y'all, I have had sinus infections and they usually knock me out for several days in which I whine and moan like the big baby that I am. The fact that Jason has had multiple infections and has managed to work full-time, build amazing things (often in the dustiest and most allergen filled places) and move us across three states pretty much makes him the best husband EVER not to mention one of the most resilient people I know.

Well, except for Robin who managed to live with a burst appendix for three months.

We'll call it a draw.

Tonight I went to CVS to pick up Jason's multiple prescriptions. 8 different pills per day, two different nose sprays, eye drops and daily sinus rinses plus he'll start a regimen of allergy shots in a couple of weeks.

Clearly, we are going to have invest in one of these:

I wonder if my grandparents have one to spare...


Update: This morning Jason started using his brand new pill organizer. And then he grabbed the camera. He wanted y'all to see the following pics. Keep in mind, the pills currently in the pill organizer are just what he has to take in the morning. Round two happens before bedtime and these pics don't show the two nose sprays and eye drops. His use of the sinus rinse this morning was highly entertaining to listen to from the comfort of my spot in the living room...


  1. Those pill boxes are very handy. I brought one home from Sam's Club one day when I was about 35 and my husband is STILL making fun of me for it. :) Hey, I think it's helpful. :)

    I hope all the meds work really fast and he feels more up to speed very soon!

  2. Wow. That's all I can say...that, and you MUST be like 15 years older than me if you are already buying pill boxes ;)

  3. haha I love those pill boxes. I have an extra one to spare! ;)

  4. Be nice about those pill cases! I just bought one because I was tired of my bottles on the bedside table. John did tease me mercilessly and wondered when I'd turned into an old lady. :)

    xo sth


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