Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Clearly there is a conspiracy afoot...

How else can I explain the overwhelming support for white lights in my polls? Is there no loyalty to the traditions of yesteryear? This is heartbreaking, just heartbreaking. I haven't had the same nighttime enjoyment of looking at my multi-colored tree glowing in the dark since the votes started coming in. But perhaps this is what I needed. As a friend told me, "Girl, I am helping to set you free!"

So I'll give it a shot. Not this year. This year, the multi-colored lights stay put. But next year, I'll devote myself entirely to the simplicity and apparent splendor of the plain white lights.

As a sidenote, in the last couple of days it has been a humbling experience to watch the polls rise steadily in favor of Jason's opinion. I...don'tliketobewrong. Whew, ok, got that out. Like ripping off a band-aid.

But it is true. And especially when it comes to decorating issues. And especially when it comes to my husband, a man, being right on those decorating issues. I'm going to blame that on a couple of things: a.) I come from a family of strong, sometimes over-opinionated women, and b.) I come from a family of strong, often over-opinionated women who like to decorate.

It's not my fault, y'all, it's in the genes!

Last night, I heaved a deep sigh and turned to Jason, "Honey, you are so kickin' my tail in the polls."

He smiled gently and replied, "Sweetie, you know this isn't a competition, right?"

Aw, isn't that cute? Thank goodness we have a lifetime together for him to learn the truth about me.


  1. sorry LRP. I would have loved to support your vote and pride on this one... but sadly I had to vote for Jason!

    can't wait to see the pics! wish you were here to go get coffee with me!

  2. So, the spirit of competition aside, consider that you may in fact be polling folks who only grew up with white lights. Therefore the lack of support for colored lights may not be a throwing off of yesteryear, but rather you do what you know. Although I do have a strong preference for white lights, I might have voted for an option 3 (if it had been given) of "white or multi-colored, it's the joy of decorating a tree to make the DECORATOR smile that makes the best tree!"

  3. I just LOVE this post. So cute and funny.

  4. Girl, you do need to be set free from that junk! lolololololol

    Just kiddin'... kinda. ;)

  5. This is great stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing your tree on BooMama's site.

  6. Okay, hold on now just a minute! I voted for multicolored lights. AND Obama. And I have them both on my Christmas tree.

  7. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Does Charlie Brown have white lights? How about all the Who's down in Whoville? White lights were the misguided idea of an adult who decided Christmas trees should be sophisticated. Ask any 5 year old! In the end, I'll bet your choice is the one that takes you back to your childhood. Aaahhhh, sweetness!

  8. I voted for color!!!!


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